VasudhaHello! Welcome to my blog. I am Vasudha Govindan and I live in Houston, Texas. I love to design and make quilts. My passion for quilting started about 15 years ago, in 2002, when I wanted to make a quilt for my newborn niece.  That quilt didn’t last very long but I’ve learned many things about fabric and quilting since then.

In real life, I am a software engineer with a keen interest in mathematical concepts and  computer algorithms. I am always looking for influences of math and computer science in art and in daily life. Some of that creeps into my quilting as well.

Every quilt has a story – a story of how it came to be, a story about who is was made for or a story about what I learned making it. Stories inspire me to make quilts – my mother’s flower garden, my grandmother’s collection of silk scraps, my son’s interest in modern art and so many more…

This blog is an attempt to capture the stories around my quilts.