Baby James Quilt One

IMG_0950A quilter from an online quilt forum I visit often lost her grandson three days after he was born due to a birth defect. Her son and DIL are expecting another baby later this year, and grandma wants to donate a quilt in baby James’s memory to all the babies in the nursery when the new baby is born. I am honored to make a few quilts for her. Here is my first one.

I used the same technique as my Bisection quilt but cut this up differently. I started with four fat quarters – two grey prints and two bright red prints. I stacked and aligned them as much as possible (no trimming yet) and cut into 10 sections of varying sizes. I mixed them up and laid out till I was happy with the balance of colors.IMG_0646


I sewed them into 4 blocks and used the 4 long strips – two on each side to offset the blocks. No matching seams anywhere!

IMG_0650I wanted to quilt a large spiral – used a dinner plate to draw a large circle and echoed around the circles to make a spiral. There are a number of tutorials online but this is the first time I’m quilting this. The guide bar on my walking foot didn’t work very well for me. I ended up eyeballing the distance from the previous line. It’s not perfect but I love the texture.


I didn’t want a very tight spiral since this is a baby quilt and I wanted to keep it soft and fluffy. I just quilted some crisscross lines inside the circle.

This is my first finish for the baby James quilt project. I have two more coming later this week.


Needle and Thread Thursday

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A Quilt for Baby Misha



First time using my Storied Quilts label!

I’ve blogged about this quilt here. I used 2.5″ strips from various pink prints to make the hexagons and used a dark grey Kona cotton solid as background. This was the second quilt I quilted on my long-arm (BlockRockIt 15). I’m so happy how this turned out.

My friend is having a get together tomorrow to meet her newest granddaughter, Misha.  I quickly sewed the binding and label, and washed it last night. It’s now ready for baby Misha.


Lovely yard after days of torrential rain and the last few fruit from our peach tree. The local raccoon has discovered the tree and most of the fruit disappeared overnight.

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